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Freemasonry is the oldest and the largest fraternal order in the world. It is a universal brotherhood of men dedicated to serving God, family, mankind and country.

Regius Manuscript

Also known as the Halliwell Manuscript, the Regius Manuscript is a 64 page file containing 794 verses, which appear to have been intended to lay down the moral principles and duties governing masons and stone cutters. The Regius Manuscript basically highlights the foundation of Freemasonry; moral duties, the art of geometry, good manners, and how to behave in

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The Master Mason's Hat

The Master’s Hat

The Master’s Hat Why does a Worshipful Master wear a hat at lodge where all the other members do not? What is the symbolism of the Master’s hat? In most lodges around the United States, in standard meetings and degree work, the Master is required to be covered, meaning he is to have a hat on during the

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The Three Great Lights of Freemasonry

In Freemasonry, three is an important number that comes up a lot. There are three degrees, there are three principle officers, and there are Three Great Lights of Freemasonry which is what I want to talk about today. The Three Great Lights of Freemasonry are the: Volume of the Sacred Law (VSL) Square Compasses The Three Great Lights

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Devil Worship? The Truth is Here

There is a notion by some that Freemason’s worship the Devil. This article is here to hopefully shed some light on the truth of this matter and where this idea originated. It was sometime in the 1890′s when Marie Joseph Gabriel Antoine Jogand-Pages. better known by his pen name Leo Taxil wrote a hoax that was intended to

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Why did you become a Freemason?

I’m interested in hearing why everybody decided to become a Freemason, if you’re up for letting us know, please it in comment section and it would be very much appreciated!. In this article, I will show you several Brothers’ reason why did they become a Freemason. 1. Vir Lucis: Personally, my interest with Western esotericism brought me to

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The Structure of Freemasonry

One of the most confusing aspects of Freemasonry to the newcomer is the structure with which the fraternity and its appendant bodies operates. This can be an issue even for new candidates who have been initiated and it can take some effort to sort out where everything fits. Something that compounds this fact is that much of the

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