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Hi, I’m Mark.
I wanted to take a moment and welcome you into the MASONIC VIBE! by Made for Freemasons community!
You’ve found an amazing group of Freemasons.
Brethren that talk about topics of Masonic interest, each from their own unique perspective that is easy, positive, and fun!
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I recently did a Facebook Group where Brethren discuss together (For Freemason ONLY).
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But I have to be honest…
I’m writing to do more than just say hi. I have something to ask of you… It’s a big favor…
Please have some fun with your new order!
I feel like we’re starting to get to know each other!
Well, you’re getting to know me.
Help me get to know you by posting in my Facebook group. There’s always fun stuff happening in the MASONIC VIBE! community — like my page so I can keep you in the loop!
I look forward to talking soon.

Mark – Masonic Vibe
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In our blog we try to cover as many topics as possible related to Freemasonry. We want to build a library for anyone to access and get educated about the world’s largest and oldest fraternity.

This Facebook Group, has over 7,000 Freemasons, was created so that Brothers could converse, better understand Freemasonry and to educate those in the craft.

Have over 150,000 members, Facebook page is the place where I would like to share images, videos, quotes, information as well as the knowledge of Freemasonry.