York Rite Freemasonry- a brief introduction

One of the many appending structures of the Freemasonry is York Rite. It is known as a set of manifold Masonic bodies that had the ability to work alone in the early years.

In today’s world, it directs its understanding to three highly accommodating groups that bestow to 10 degrees in the United States.

The three primary bodies of the York Rite are:

  • The Royal Arch Masons,
  • The Cryptic Masonsand
  • The Commander of Knights Templar.

The Royal Arch has 4 levels; the cryptic masonry has 3 levels and the chivalric order have 3 levels.

The first requirement is that a person has to be a Master Mason before he can join the York rite to obtain these levels.

In addition to the above, the York Rite presents supplementary degrees to the Freemasons.

But the main purpose of these degrees is for the enhancement of knowledge and do not have any importance. These degrees give us further options for friendships and give additional knowledge.

There are quite a lot of organizations that are thought to be unswervingly linked with the York Rite. The master mason may unite with this organization to improve his facts.

Royal Arch Masonry

York Rite Freemasonry- a brief introduction

The Royal Arch Masonry the persistence of craft masonry has its members who are commonly known as “companions”.

They convene in groups that are presided over by the three major principles. In England, the royal arch has a total of four ceremonies, where the joyous ceremony is conducted to invite new members.

The royal arch levels is thought to be very vital during the initial years of Freemasonry.

The beginning part of the York rite system is the royal arch masonry that refers to four levels, namely – Mark Master Mason, Most Excellent Master, Past Master, and Royal Arch Mason.

Mark Master Mason

The master mason degree can be thought of as the annex of the Fellow Crafts second degree. It is the second degree of the Blue Lodge and is referred to be in a Fellow Craft.

Pastor Master Degree

The Pastor Master degree is obtained by those who desire to be entered to the royal arch masonry. The effective past master has to succeed them, as there are many applicants for this degree.

Most Excellent Master

The building of King Solomon’s Temple has been accomplished in this degree. This degree is conferred by the cryptic councils in addition to the added 3 degrees.

The Royal Arch Degree

The royal arch degree is thought to be the most inspiring degree in the freemasonry. The masons who obtain this degree can head straight to Knights Templar or carry on with the cryptic masonry.

Even though each body of the organization functions in relation to an autonomy, they are thought of as one rite. You are needed to be a first-class master mason to enter the royal arch chapter. You require a sponsor who is a royal arch mason to become a part of the royal arch chapter.

Cryptic Masonry

York Rite Freemasonry- a brief introduction cryptic masons

The Cryptic masonry is the subsequent part of the York rite system that deals fundamentally with the Hiramic Legend.

The council degrees are said to be cryptic degrees. These degrees are the entry point of the second temple legend.

The members of cryptic masonry get together at a council that refers to the 3 degrees, namely – Royal Master, Select Master, and Super Excellent Master.

Royal Master

The Royal Master degree is highly inspiring and functions as a significant part in the ancient craft masonry. The lectures of this degree give details the worth of King Solomon’s Temple.

Select Master

The select master degree contains events that took place when the temple was constructed.

According to the information given in select Mason degree, we can say that the three ancient grand masters – King Solomon, Hiram Abif and Hiram of Tyre played a vital role in promoting the work.

Super Excellent Master

The Super Excellent Master degree is the most striking degree of masonry that give reference to the ending days of the control of Zedekiah.

The initial forms of all the three degrees began during the eighteenth century in Europe.

It is compulsory for the Royal and Select masters to acquire this degree. But the super master degree is not obligatory in some jurisdictions.

The cryptic degrees head the Royal Arch, which is the best thing about York Rite.

The Grand councils that are not in the United States have the authority to confer to the other degrees such as – Royal Ark Mariner and Excellent Master degree in Scotland.

Order of Chivalry

York Rite Freemasonry- a brief introduction Order of Chivalry

The order of chivalry, simply known as chivalric order is an order that originated during the novel military orders of Crusades.

The empire was shaped in a more courtly fashion during the 15th century. These orders would keep hold of as an organization of folks.

The well-known instructions of chivalry arose in answer to the crusades with bands of priests, warrior, and knights.

Some of the orders continued even after the crusades while some of them sustained their militaristic traditions.

The legality of chivalric orders is not a subject of consumer protection for those looking for membership for chronological traditions. It is all about the contest between the orders that are devoted to the same worthy cause.

There are 3 orders of the chivalric method that include – Order of Malta, Order of Red Cross and the Order of Temple.

These are referred to as Orders rather than degrees due to their nature of work. These are formed on the thought of the military nobility or feudal Knighthood.

These orders also represent the orders of Christian knighthood.

Orders of Red Cross

The Order of the Red Cross is the main orders of chivalry that give ideas for the construction a second Temple.

The Legend of the order is established on the events of the royal arts degree and its fundamental teachings.

Order of Malta

The Order of Malta was formed as one of the many Temple degrees in the 1800s.

This order was initially mentioned in the charter of Grand encampment in 1805.  This order includes the history of Kings of Malta.

Order of the Temple

The Order of the Temple level among the most fascinating degrees as they came into national notoriety in the year 1780 when the Baldwin in England adopted it.

This degree began as one of the ”Hauts Grades” and worked in Lodges till the 19th century.

The Chivalric orders needed beliefs in the doctrine of Trinity as opposed to other branches of Freemasonry.

They have the most amazing masonic regalia in spite of the degree they exert for.

York Rite Masonry has a great tale to tell.  It is a necessity for York Rite Mason to take an individual interest in their own development.

The invitation to become York Rite Mason should come from the person himself.