When did the Freemasons start?

When did the Freemasons start? It was claimed by experts that Freemasonry was born in 1717. However, our research proves that the period of time is longer than what we know.

The foundation and awareness were established under other names from ancient Babylon to Masonic nowadays

When did the Freemasons start

When did the Freemasons start?, at the moment, The original beginning date of Masonry is still a mystery

The real original starting date has been lost in time. How and when it was created is still a big question. Some experts believe that the group of stone masons growth it in the Middle Ages.

This is really a broadly acknowledged theory among Masonic experts too. From their point of view, the organization of four lodges were created in 1717 in London into a Grand lodge.

In the broader issue, the birth year of Freemasonry was not suitable to be called.

However, recorded evidence belonging to the original start of Freemasonry have been maintained in many Masonic books and libraries.

Actually, there are more than two-and-a-half million documents that throw light on the past of Masonry.

This costly documents also be called as a priceless treasure of Freemason and If you are a member of the Blue Lodge, you are easily accessed these documents.

Before we move to a deeper knowledge of a historical field of Freemason, we should know how experts try to figure out when Freemasonry was born exactly. They especially search for the earliest meeting evidences.

These historical meeting document is very crucial for the searching a bout Freemason. As they have so many things else that can help to determine the date of birth of Freemason.

These meeting records are the best proof of lodge…

It’s recorded that the fist original meeting starts from the Lodge Atchison’s Heaven in East Lothian, Scotland in 1599 and closes in 1852.

It’s essential to know that the region of Scotland is an earliest place for historical documents of Freemasonry.

Obviously, the individual article cannot show a particular period.

However, if studying of that time period is your aspiration and passion, you can possibly find so many evidences and documents of Freemason’s Hall in London.

Notably, some records were found in 1390 are related to Fraternity rituals as language and symbols. An expert claim that they are a copy of Middle Ages Fraternity signs documents

The earliest Lodge of Freemason

What is a Masonic Lodge? It’s defined as a unit of Masonic Organization.

So what is Lodge? A Lodge is just a place where the meeting of Freemason member is created. You can go meet people at Lodge once you are accepted as A Freemason officially

All the Masonic Lodges are authorized by a Grand Lodge. In another way, they control and rule all the Masonic lodges. Therefore, they have a right to remove Freemason members if their members do not follow their laws and rituals

In fact, there are various ‘Grand Lodge’ spread out in the world that have different certificates themselves. Nonetheless, the fundamental condition for membership in all places is the same.

Experts and Freemasons think that the earliest Grand Lodge was formed in 9th January 1599. Found as Aitchison’s Haven Musselburgh, United Kingdom. The oldest lodge was specified in the Lord of Edinburgh (Mary’s Chapel) in 31st July 1599 in United Kingdom

Moreover, it’s is claimed that 18 men have formed the first lodge in 1733. In that period of time, Freemasons were not passionate about the development of the community, but in 1793, George Washington fist published the Masonic Ceremony in US Capitol and he is not the only president who is the member in Freemason Society

It’s is recorded that fourteen US presidents took part in Masonic Society. For example, Andrew Jackson, James Buchanan, Theodore Roosevelt, and Gerald R. Ford Jr.

To sum up

In conclusion, When did the Freemasons start? It is still a mystery to know when the Masonic Society was born. All searchers show that the first and second Grand lodge were formed officially in 1717 in England and 1725 in Ireland, respectively.

Moreover, the split between the old and the modern lodges are expressed in 1751 which is a crucial year in Masonic History

While the modern lodges focused in social club, ancient lodges considered the old mechanism of Masonic Society. Nowadays, the modern Freemasons have a main power of controlling Grand lodge in England.