Realizing What Your Masonic Rings Meaning

The fame associated with masonic rings has probably never been attained by any other piece of masonic regalia. Much to the irritation of people unacquainted with masonic culture, some masons cherish their masonic rings more than wedding rings.

Realizing What Your Masonic Ring Meaning
Masonic Ring

We will go on now to throw light on attributes of masonic rings to help you recognize the variety of freemason rings.

How are Masonic Rings Gotten?

Masonic lodges do to give rings to their members on two occasions: the 14 and 33 degree of Scottish rites which (as their name imply) are very hard to attain. It takes several years of active participation in a lodge and contribution for a select few to attain this.

Masonic rings are the most outstanding aspect of masonic regalia, and their significance varies according to the individuals who wear them.

What do Masonic Rings Symbolize?

Generally, rings are considered as a sign of commitment and obligation.  The circular shape of a ring signifies a complete cycle or eternity.

Like every other ring, marital rings serve as reminders of one’s commitment towards their spouse.

Freemason rings similarly serve to remind the mason wearing them towards the cause of Freemasonry.

Now, having addressed fundamentals about freemason rings, you might be eager to know about their physical features such as their shape, size, and composite material. We will go on to explain below:

How to Recognize a Masonic Ring?

Masonic rings are not quite different from most rings people move about with on their fingers.

Save for the masonic symbols usually inscribed on freemason rings; masonic rings are hardly distinct from regular rings as they have a simple and circular shape.

The major distinction freemason rings have been the various shapes and mottos inscribed on them.  Regular rings don’t come with these.

One is most likely to see a masonic compass over G that stands for geometry or God as well as an all seeing eye indicating God’s constant watch of all affairs. This symbol is common to virtually all kinds of freemason rings.

In addition to these symbols, masonic rings are most often inscribed with mottos like:

  • “In hoc signo vinces,” a Latin phrase that means “With this as your standard, you shall have victory.”
  • “Aude Vide Tace” translates to “Watch, listen, and be silent.”
  • “Lux e tenebris” translates to “light out of the darkness.”
  • “Magna est veritas, et praevalibit,” translates to “Great is truth, and it will prevail.”
  • Many others

All of these Latin expressions are motivational in nature, especially to those who understand their meaning. Thus, many masons wear freemason rings to draw inspiration from these motivational inscriptions.

Asides from the inscriptions mentioned above, and symbols, some freemason rings may have other images such as an eagle or two whose wing direction determine the ring’s significance.

It is popularly known that masonry has peculiar symbols and rituals with hidden meanings. The ambiguous symbols have significant interpretations, and masonic rings are typically the same when it comes to decoding their symbols.

Each freemason ring varies in meaning to a mason depending on how much he knows about the symbols inscribed on the ring.

Masonic rings are comprised of several materials of which gold, silver, and stainless steel are most popular. In the 18 and 19 century, freemason rings became a trendy to freemasons. They came to be accepted as fashionable pieces of male jewellery. They were exotic to even non-masons.

However, stainless steel has over the years emerged as the most preferred material for the manufacture of masonic rings, and we offer a variety of masonic rings of stainless steel plated with gold and silver. You can alternatively select from our collection of rhodium-plated and nickel rings all of which come in virtually all sizes for you.