How Did King Solomon Die? King Solomon story

Get ready to dive into a thrilling mystery that has intrigued scholars and history buffs for centuries! Join us as we explore the enigmatic demise of King Solomon, the wise and powerful ruler of ancient Israel. Unravel the clues, examine the theories, and prepare to be captivated by this fascinating investigation into the final moments of one of history’s most legendary figures!

King Solomon

How did King Solomon die?

King Solomon succeeded his father, King David. He was the wealthiest and most wise king of Israel. The reign of Solomon ruled from 970 to 931 BC. According to official information, King Solomon was King David’s second son and his wife, Bathsheba. However, many people and historians believe that King Solomon was the 17th son of David and his wife. So the opportunity for him to succeed his father is impossible.

In fact, in 970 BC, Solomon became a king thanks to the great support of the prophet Nathan. After the event, his half-brother Adonijah, the heir of King David, began a plan to usurp the throne of Solomon.

How Did King Solomon Die?

However, King Solomon began his reign with a sweeping purge to quickly establish his power. To strengthen his kingship, he exterminated Adonijah and appointed many of his buddies throughout the government.

When King Solomon was 82, he died in 931 BC. Many religions and scholars believe that he died of normal causes. However, many others believe that his death was a punishment from God because he didn’t obeyed God in the last years of his life.

Although they could draw conclusions for “how did King Solomon die”, they truly appreciated and admired him for his level of wisdom, knowledge, and great strength.

How Old Was Solomon When He Died?

Solomon died at around 60 years of age. He reigned for 40 years before his death. Therefore, it can be inferred that Solomon was approximately 20 years old when he ascended to the throne. However, the Bible does not give a specific age for when Solomon became king.

King Solomon in Christianity and Judaism

Both Christianity and Judaism  have a tradition of accepting the historical existence of Solomon and how did King Solomon die. These religions share the same view of his death and call it a sad ending. Both praised his charisma and also admired Solomon for his wisdom and diligence in construction the Temple.

Both religions believe that the main reason for his sad ending is that he went towards worldly pleasures. He devoted his time to luxury and women instead of obeying God and His commandments. In fact, he has about 1000 wives and concubines. His women come from the countries that God warns the Israelites. They have to not marry women in those countries if they turn to God.

In particular, Judaism seriously explains “how did King Solomon die”. Solomon notioned the Bible prohibition did not apply to him. And his awareness has made him a commoner. The Torah set the limit on the amount of wealth and wives, but Solomon broke it. As a consequence, Rehoboam, his son, dealt with a divided kingdom. Solomon was the last ruler of the United Kingdom of Israel because it ended a few years later.

How Did King Solomon Die?

Many experts claim that his marriage to the daughter of Egyptian Pharaoh was the reason for the demolition of his kingdom. This led to the destruction of the great nation, Rome and the destruction of the 2nd temple after wedding event occurred.

Christian scholars were more cautious explaining “how did King Solomon die”. They believed that God blessed Solomon with knowledge and wisdom, and they shared the same viewpoint, compared to Judaism, in the death of King Solomon.

They explained that King Solomon’s marriage to women from other countries made God uncomfortable. Besides, he built many places for his wives to worship their gods and turn his heart against his true God. As a result, God destroyed Solomon kingdom as a punishment but did not do it in his life because of the benefit of King David, his father.

King Solomon In Islam

According to Islam, he was a prophet. Unlike other religions, Islam does not call the death of King Solomon a sad ending, and there is no question about his marriage. We can find many positive aspects in the Islamic explanation of Solomon’s life. And Islam is the only religion that raised King Solomon.

Islam disagrees that Solomon changed his heart to worship other gods. They said in an Islamic version of Solomon that his slave impersonated him and ruled the kingdom for a while. In other words, it was not King Solomon, but a demon that lost faith.

How Did King Solomon Die?

King Solomon & Freemasonry

King Solomon and Freemasonry have an indirect and complex relationship even though Freemasonry is not a religion? Freemasonry did not specifically care about his death either discuss him. In fact, it has elevated the status of Hiram Abiff to the first Master Mason, the true central figure in the third degree in Freemasonry.

Hiram Abiff designed King Solomon’s Temple, he is actually the architect of this great building. According to Solomon, Hiram Abiff is a genius and a master craftsman. This the reason Freemasonry gave him respect and a position of authority in his books. And this may be the only link between the King and Freemasonry.


There are many theories and opinions about “how did King Solomon die”. However, there is no doubt that he is very talented in kingdom management and architecture of the building. During the reign of Solomon, the kingdom of Israel united and became the most beautiful and attractive place in the Middle East and had many building projects ahead of their time.