What Does the All-Seeing Eye Mean?

The All-Seeing Eye , also known as the Eye of Providence, is a reminder that all our actions and deeds are observed.

It is the symbol we can see everywhere. This emblem also inspires creativity in many fields of art and culture.

All seeing eye in endless dimensions

It also fascinates pop culture, they use this symbol in movies and music videos. In 2004, in the National Treasury film, The Great Seal of the United States on a one-dollar bill proved the plot to conceal a treasure that had developed throughout recorded history.

Notably, the Illuminati use the All-Seeing Eye as their main representative symbol. This is an organization founded by Adam Weishaupt and has existed since the 18th century. This organization is considered conspiracy theories by modern conspiracy theorists.

In fact, people can find symbols on various items of jewelers, tattoos, holiday home decorations and other objects reminding members of craft the meaning of it and what it represents.

So, what really makes the All-Seeing Eye exist so long and become so attractive to people? Where does this symbol come from? What does it mean for the United States? In particular, what does it stand for in Freemasonry ?

Let’s discover it now.

History of The All-Seeing Eye

The All-Seeing Eye is a symbol of ancient Egyptians. In Egyptian culture, the Eyes symbolize the power to protect the health and the power to protect Royal.

The All-Seeing Eye , also known as the Eye of Ra, is a famous deity in Egypt. If you are researching ancient Egypt, you should know about this God.

The All-Seeing Eye is also known as the Eye of Horus, is another deity of Egypt. This god is a man with a falcon’s head. His followers often called him the sky god.

If you have the opportunity to visit the ancient Egyptian wonder, you will see the falcon symbol or the falcon statues. That is the representative of Horus.

There are many legends about Horus’s eye history called The All-Seeing Eye . However, the story of Horus against his cousin (set for his father Osiris’s throne) is the most popular and trusted story.

In this battle, Horus’s left eye was injured and cut into 6 parts. However, legend says the Egyptian gods have restored Horus’s eyes.

Because of the serious wound of Horus eye and the miraculous healing process. People trust Horus’s eye as The All-Seeing Eye, and supposedly it can protect and cure the disease.

However, this is only one of the legends that many people consider Horus eye as “The All-Seeing Eye” nowadays. But these mysteries are still a big question.

Until the Renaissance, Horus Eyes became a symbol of Christianity. It was a symbol of divine power and represented the Holy Trinity. The triangle surrounds this symbol. In the 17th century, this emblem depicted the eye with clouds and a ray of light around it.

The relationship between the All-Seeing Eye and The Great Seal of the United States

In 1782, the Eye Providence was adopted as part of the Great Seal of the United States. The three committees debated what the seal should be. Pierre Eugene Du Simitiere, a consultant to the committee, initially proposed “All-Seeing Eye”. In his proposal, he suggested that the Eye should be replaced by thirteen shields, instead of the first thirteen colonies.

The third committee proposed to replace the unfinished pyramid shields with thirteen steps on it. The reason for this proposal was to remind the potential growth of the country still had, and the unfinished pyramid is the most symbolic image.

Below is an image of The Great Seal designed in 1792. It includes the Eye of Providence hanged on an unfinished pyramid.

According to an explanation written that same year, the pyramid signifies strength and duration. The eye corresponds with the motto on the seal, “Annuit Coeptis,” meaning “he approves of this undertaking.” The second motto, “Novus ordo seclorum,” literally means “a new order of the ages” and signifies the beginning of an American era.

What does The All-Seeing Eye Mean In Freemasonry

The All-Seeing Eye was linked and used as a symbol of Freemasonry in 1797. This was in Thomas Smith Webb’s Masonic Monitor.

Many see the use of the Eye in Masonic as evidence of the connection between Freemasonry and the US government. But in fact, The All-Seeing Eye first appeared in Masonic after creating the Great Seal of the United States.

During the process of meeting and brainstorming ideas for creating the Great Seal of the United States. The only Freemason is Benjamin Franklin . But, according to all records, no suggestion of Benjamin Franklin was used. Benjamin Franklin served on the committee to provide and assist with printing.

In Freemasonry, the Eye is meant to represent and remind the actions of a Freemason that never go invisible. That whether in this world or the next, our actions will be judged by He who sees all. This refers to the Grand Architect of the Universe which is a generic name referring to God. This name is used by a large number of members of the Masonic fraternity.

Today, we easily see the symbol The All-Seeing every day. It can appear on t-shirts , jackets and apparel. This proves that this symbol still exists strongly, and humanity is still curious about it.

What do you think of All-Seeing Eye?

We hope this brief explanation has given you a good understanding of what All-Seeing Eye means. Although the mysteries behind it have yet been explored fully, I am sure that you now understand this symbol strongly and deeply in every culture in the world.

What do you think of “All-Seeing Eye”?

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