Can you be a Catholic and Freemason

Can you be a Catholic and Freemason?

The reason I want to talk about Catholic and Freemason today is because I have received many questions about it on the Masonic Group, the Fanpage and on this blog. Many people say that you cannot be a Catholic and Freemason.

Is it right? Let me tell you my story. I believe you will have the answer for you. I have several friends who are freemasons christian, including me. The important thing is how you can organize the aspects of your life.

Catholic and Freemason

Can you be a Catholic and Freemason?

I have a friend; he is 8 years older than me. He worked with me in the church for a long time before I realized that he was at the 33rd degree, for over 20 years as a Catholic I have seen none Bible values that go against Freemasonry.

Those values and Freemasonry helped me a lot in my life and made me become a better person. 

There are many reasons some denominations and churches prohibit their members from joining the Fraternity. The most common reason I know is that our fraternity is open to all major religions, and Freemasonry is for men who believe in the existence of God.

Our prayers don’t relate to a specific religious sect, so we cannot apply to any major monotheistic religion.

Freemasonry welcomes all men from any religion. Some Christian denominations and churches say that our prayings do not end with “in Jesus’ name we pray”, it’s unacceptable. That is their opinion and their right, I respect their judgment.

I would like to mention a topic called “religious tolerance and religious freedom” is in the Constitution in the United States. As you all know, Freemasonry has played an important role in having religious freedom in America.

are freemasons christian

Why do I mention this? The concept of religious freedom came from Freemasonry. Constitutionalists borrowed a few concepts beyond Freemasonry’s religious freedom.

Our Fraternity always respects all religions, people may worship as they wish. That is the tradition of Freemasonry. If that contradicts the religious beliefs of some churches, they have the right to prevent their members from becoming Freemasons.

All such prohibitions are true or false, there is nothing to discuss and debate. Denominations and churches have the right to set rules according to their religious beliefs, we should respect that.

At Masonic Lodge, we should not discuss religious beliefs or judge their beliefs and policies. With Freemasonry’s tradition of religious freedom, we should take it seriously and let all other religions sit together in the Fraternity.

As I mentioned above, I attended a church where there were many brothers like me. So not all churches prohibit Freemason members. There are so many good things that Freemasons did, these churches respect that.

In fact, there is no conflict between Christianity and Freemasonry (or a Catholic and Freemason), and they even complement each other with morality, charity, tolerance, brotherhood, and truth. It helps me improve myself every day by applying them in my daily life. That is “Freemasonry makes good men better.”

In short, I cannot answer the question “Can you be both a Catholic and Freemason?” for you. I told you about my story, find your own story. Ask yourself, God and your church. Because Freemasonry never puts Masonic Lodge forth your relationship with God. Respect the religious beliefs you are pursuing.

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  1. Before I die , I promise to myself to become a member of Freemasons. I want to learn more in life, SERVE people and protect God’s creation. Although, I am already a public servant, a government employee here in the Philippines, it is difficult for me to join because of monetary requirements. Pls help me and accept me as your brother in the eyes Of Almighty. Thank you

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