A Knights Templar’s secret tunnel has been hidden for 700 years

Crusaders in Western Latin proudly built fortresses and castles in the Middle Ages, and they exist to this day. One of these castles and fortresses is still in use today. Krak des Chevaliers is an iconic crusader castle and has also been used as a military base in recent Syrian clashes.

However, there are many unexplored mysteries behind these impressive structures. Recently one of the secrets was revealed, showing an extremely very interesting period of Middle Eastern history.

To ensure the safety of the dangerous journey of pilgrims from Western Europe to the Holy Land, the Knights Templar were initially formed.

The first headquarters located next to the temple of Jerusalem, so they were called Templars. Besides that, in the 12th and 13th centuries, The Knights Templar played an essential role in military and political events.

A Knights Templar’s secret tunnel has been hidden for 700 years A Secret Knights Templar Tunnel that Remained Hidden for 700 Years 4
Pictures depicting the Knights Templar (brother-servant, a brother-brother Knight and priest)

Crusader nations lost their headquarters after the destruction of Jerusalem in 1187.

Eventually, large armies from France and England were set up to reclaim Jerusalem for the crusader kingdom, at that time Jerusalem was under the control of the Muslim army. Therefore, the Third Crusade took place.

Unfortunately, the army of the Third Crusade was unable to regain Jerusalem. However, they tried to find a way to restore Acre’s important port city. A few years later, the Templars built a mighty fortress in Acre that became the crusader nations’ capital.

However, it was constantly threatened because Acre was a strategically important port in the Mediterranean. Perhaps that’s why the Knights Templar built a mysterious underground tunnel between the port and the fortress. This is a quick escape for the inhabitants when the city is surrounded.

Sultan Al-Ashraf Khalil, Mamluk ruler of Egypt, took over Acre and ordered the city to be razed in 1291. The port became an insignificant place.

In modern times, a woman living in the city of Acre had an amazing discovery in 1994. While she was trying to repair a clogged drain, she discovered a tunnel underneath her home.

At that time, it was discovered that the tunnel had been built in the Crusader period, and ran from the port to the fortress. Nowsday, the secret tunnel has been fully restored, you can visit it at any time.